FAQ 4 - what happens if i cannot make a bootcamp that I have booked?

Remember, our online service allows you UNLIMITED use of all our Sniper operations each week. Choose the day and time of your operations via desk-top, tablet or our Mindbody mobile app and we will provide reminders by email/text of when those classes are on.

Our 24-hour booking policy means that if a class is scheduled to begin within 24-hours, that class is locked and no one else can book on or cancel at that point.

Once a class is locked, if you are unable to make that class we simply ask that you are courteous to your Sniper team mates and 'LATE CANCEL' the class via your mobile app.

By late cancelling the class you will inform the Drill Sergeant that you cannot make it. This means the rest of the group will not be waiting around for you to arrive late and recruits on our waiting list can be informed in good time that a space is now available.

If however, you require to cancel your class and it is outside our 24-hour policy (cancelling can be done either via your app, desktop or text service) then your name will be removed from the class prior to it starting.

IMPORTANT: If a recruit continually books classes and either does not show or continually cancels, so taking a place that could of been provided to another recruit. Then that recruit's unlimited membership will be revoked.

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