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Sniper Yoga + Running Fusion - #teamhitthedeck


Sniper #teamhitthedeck is about the fusion of two different forms of exercise... one to get the heart rate up and improve aerobic fitness, whilst the other is to aid relaxation, de-stress and increase both flexibility and core strength... the beautiful fusion of Yoga and running!

No matter your level of fitness #teamhitthedeck is the perfect addition to your training regime! Each session is tailored to provide both the body and mind, various degrees of intensity by alternating the time and intensity parameters for both the Yoga and running elements.

#Teamhitthedeck 'runs' every Thursday evening at 6pm in Scarborough and is available to ALL... both Sniper and non-Sniper recruits! 

Upon arrival you will be provided our own Sniper Yoga mat with shoulder strap that you carry with you... so you can 'hit the deck' when and where ever required by your Drill Sergeant.

Each session is structured like our original Sniper operations and will be available to see on our Facebook page 24-hours before hand… providing intel about the next workout. 

The cost per recruit (both Sniper and non-Sniper) each class is £3.50 provided on a PAYG basis. Please meet at the bottom Peasholm Park carpark.

IMPORTANT INTEL: Please note than when the weather conditions are such (high winds or rain) that performing Yoga outside is not advisable. Your Drill Sergeant will message you when to 'run for cover' and the class will be performed in comfort, indoors. Indoor classes will take place at The Street - address: 12 Lower Clark St, Scarborough YO12 7PW, at the same time and day.

 hit the deck

To reserve your place for each session, Sniper recruits can book via their normal desktop or app membership! Non-sniper recruits please use the following link to download our FREE app (Mindbody - CLICK HERE), then simply search SNIPER FITNESS at your location and book onto the session.

Remember, this class is 'pay as you go' and therefore no enrolment details are required from non-Sniper recruits in order to take part.

Alternatively, for more intel please contact Drill Sergeant Becky either via email or telephone on 07951934488.

Remember... "Yoga is the journey of the self" #hellyeah #teamsniper 


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