Refer a friend


FACT: Those recruits that train with a partner, friend or in a small group achieve greater results than those recruits that train on their own.

From simple motivation, to camaraderie and even competitiveness, training as a team provides a better environment to achieve the best possible results from any form of training programme. Therefore HELP YOURSELF both physically and financially and refer a new recruit now! 

REFER A NEW RECRUIT and receive your next month's membership completely FREE... SAVING UP TO £50! The more recruits you refer the more you save!! 

HOW IT WORKS: We simply need either the current or new recruit referring to message Sniper via our get in touch page, within the first 72-hours of the new recruit ENROLLING, stating the full name of the new recruit who has been referred.

We will then confirm that the new recruit has indeed enrolled to our ranks (does not include free trial memberships), after which we will confirm the status with the referring recruit and then process the free month's membership.

To help you, we suggest that you start by sending your friend or family member the link to our FREE 7-DAY TRIAL at

"Remember recruits, why are we a T.E.A.M Sniper? Because Together Everyone Achieves More!"