FAQ 3 - What is invloved in a typical Sniper Bootcamp Operation?

Every Sniper operation be it a bootcamp or in our HQ 300 facility is based around 3 distinct phases - the warm-up, the high intensity Sniper operation and finally the cool-down. Together these these 3 phases take 1-hour to complete.

Each operation is structured and you will be educated and guided on the correct performance of each exercise, which will allow you to perform the provided operation correctly with maximum intent. Form comes first... speed comes later! 

Every operation is different in terms of exercise duration, speed and time under tension and therefore keeps the body guessing and adapting to the new stimulus provide... we never perform the same exact operation twice and at present we have over 1000+ operations to choose from. Simply put... change is good!

"Your body will only change... if you give it reason to do so!"