Bootcamp Testimonials


Don't just take our word about how good Sniper Bootcamps are... just listen to the feedabck from #Teamsniper themselves!

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"I'm pround to say I smashed my time of 5mins 47 secs down to 4 mins 4 seconds! weight from 14st 5 to 13st 5 and 1/4!! Buzzing."

Paul Holdsworth - Click here for actual post.


"The fitness test was hard this morning but just had to sit ny real test... When I started indiya could only just gwt her little arms around my waist and literally just touch her fingers our aim was that indiya will eventually be able to squeeze memny round her waist. indiya has just cuddled me and could cross her fingers over. She said to tell my sniper people the result. honestly thank you so much obviously pass this on to mark also."

Natalie Barker-dunwell - Click here for actual post.


"Wish I was doing this months...oh well bring on the October one!! Good luck fellow snipers:)! X"

Lindsay Holdsworth - Click here for actual post.


"Thanks will be going for 100% every time really enjoying it."

Carrie Stingemore - Click here for actual post.


"Great first day.. looking forward to the next."

Caroline Elgey - Click here for actual post.


"lol, Camt believe made it up the hill, maybe more of a challenge by week 4 when ickle neborn not so ickle. though all mummys were all winners & cant believe how much the babies loved it, till wednesday x"

Sharon Jennifer Vanee - Click here for actual post.


"So 1st Buggy Bootcamp is over!! 6.5lbs lost, 23cms lost and fitness level has improved probably 100%, massive thank you to Laura, Mark and Chris for the brilliant bootcamp and support!! Now rest for a week before the next Sniper Fitness Bootcamps."

Carly Zoeller - Click here for actual post.


"I was part of the first ever sniper crew, then found out I was pregnant a few days before the final fit test. Still managed to knock over a minute off my fit test n lose 19cm. Can't wait to do it all over again!! Everyone is always so pleased with their results and its all down to their hard work and the motivation and encouragement from the drill sergeants and other snipers!! Ill have about 10 weeks to try get back into shape for my 30th, and I have every faith that ill be well on my way once iv done a month with the Snipers!! xxx"

Naomi Jamieson - Click here for actual post.