FAQ 1 - after i enrol for a Sniper Bootcamp what happens next?

Once you have completed our enrolment form either online or in person and have made payment your place is reserved and you have officially become a member of #Teamsniper.

Please note, that until payment is received your place is not guaranteed and places have been filled in as little as 4-hours after becoming available. So taking advantage of our monthly auto payments for future Sniper bootcamps is recommended.

After enrolling you will receive a welcome email/text confirming your place on #Teamsniper. You will then be able to book your choice of Sniper session via desk-top, tablet or using our mobile app.

IMPORTANT: Our 24-hour booking policy means that if a class is scheduled to begin within 24-hours, that class is locked and no one else can book on or cancel at that point.

For new recruits, a Sniper Drill Sergeant will contact you with in 24-hours to book your initial one-to-one appointment and provide you with your Sniper "Battle Cry" T-shirt and explain the Ammo pack in detail.

This is be your opportunity to "de-brief" us on any aspect or question relating to performing the a Sniper outdoor bootcamp or HQ 300 session that you are unsure about or would like more intel regarding (all information provided is confidential).

The rest as they say... is up to you!

"Fitness is NOT about being better than someone else... it's about being better than you used to be!"


FAQ 2 - what do i need to wear and bring for each Sniper Bootcamp?

The first thing you need to bring is your #Teamsniper attitude and to give it 100% focus and to hit every target that you set for yourself!

After that, good appropriate footwear/trainers, a water bottle, water proofs and gloves (if outside), a small hand towel (if at HQ 300) and of course be wearing your FREE Sniper "Battle Cry" T-shirt to get you inspired, motivated and focused... ready for battle!

"You only get ONE LIFE, ONE SHOT... make it count!"


FAQ 3 - What is invloved in a typical Sniper Bootcamp Operation?

Every Sniper operation be it a bootcamp or in our HQ 300 facility is based around 3 distinct phases - the warm-up, the high intensity Sniper operation and finally the cool-down. Together these these 3 phases take 1-hour to complete.

Each operation is structured and you will be educated and guided on the correct performance of each exercise, which will allow you to perform the provided operation correctly with maximum intent. Form comes first... speed comes later! 

Every operation is different in terms of exercise duration, speed and time under tension and therefore keeps the body guessing and adapting to the new stimulus provide... we never perform the same exact operation twice and at present we have over 1000+ operations to choose from. Simply put... change is good!

"Your body will only change... if you give it reason to do so!"


FAQ 4 - what happens if i cannot make a bootcamp that I have booked?

Remember, our online service allows you UNLIMITED use of all our Sniper operations each week. Choose the day and time of your operations via desk-top, tablet or our Mindbody mobile app and we will provide reminders by email/text of when those classes are on.

Our 24-hour booking policy means that if a class is scheduled to begin within 24-hours, that class is locked and no one else can book on or cancel at that point.

Once a class is locked, if you are unable to make that class we simply ask that you are courteous to your Sniper team mates and 'LATE CANCEL' the class via your mobile app.

By late cancelling the class you will inform the Drill Sergeant that you cannot make it. This means the rest of the group will not be waiting around for you to arrive late and recruits on our waiting list can be informed in good time that a space is now available.

If however, you require to cancel your class and it is outside our 24-hour policy (cancelling can be done either via your app, desktop or text service) then your name will be removed from the class prior to it starting.

IMPORTANT: If a recruit continually books classes and either does not show or continually cancels, so taking a place that could of been provided to another recruit. Then that recruit's unlimited membership will be revoked.

"Think a 60 minute Bootcamp won't do anything? Well it's sure as hell better than a 0 minute Bootcamp - Strive for progress not perfection!"


FAQ 5 - Do I need to be fit to perform a Sniper Bootcamp?

Simply put NO.. not at all! Sniper Bootcamps are suitable for ALL fitness levels, from complete beginners to professional athletes, both male and females and young or not as young as you would like to be!

All our Sniper workouts aka 'operations' are designed to allow YOU to perform to your ability at the time... you choose how hard you work! Remember we Drill Sergeants can only motivate and give you the knowledge of how to perform... the rest... the work... comes down to YOU! 

Sniper bootcamps are designed so that there is no fastest or slowest, strongest or weakest... the only competition is with YOURSELF!

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is WHAT YOU DO!"